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Welcome To Zaika


Company Profile

Zaika means Good Taste, and Good Taste is what we aim to perfect and offer. On this Principle, Zaika Foods Ltd. got established in the year 2007. Since its inception, Zaika Foods, and the Brand Zaika has become a reputable, authentic South Asian grocery brand with more than 200 genuine products and growing. This quality Zaika Brand Products are now available online and in over 500 stores grocery stores across Canada. The mission of Zaika Foods is to cater to the diverse tastes of the Canadian market.

The Management Team of Zaika Foods has over 25 years of on hands experience dealing and developing high quality everyday daily need products. Our hands-on experience has given us an in-depth understanding of the South Asian consumer essence. Moreover, this hands-on experience has helped us develop a marketing philosophy that reflects the needs of the South Asian commonalities. We have made it our culture to deliver both healthy and tasty premium quality products at a reasonable price that allows people from all communities to use our products. We continue to carefully curate the products on shelves and foster relationships with local vendors/distributors to bring good food to the table. These strong relationships have allowed us to become a reputed name in the industry, as well as a leading specialty food supplier from the Indian sub-continent.

Our focus is to sell only quality products that offer better value and health to our customers with a meaningful choice at competitive pricing. We offer our customers, a large variety of authentic food products which includes Spices, Flour, Basmati Rice, Specialty Oils, Herbs and more. Our expertise in these products has strengthened with an extensive network of our suppliers who share our belief in supplying only hand-picked, high grade and freshest ingredients. We roll all our operations around the expectations of our customers. We aim to please and exceed our customers’ expectations at all the time.

We know our customer's value and respect their busy schedules so, to save their time in grocery shopping. With the advancement in technology and the rapid growth of online shopping made us develop this exclusive end-to-end solution for online grocery retail, best suitable for effective operation of our business and give our customers access to:

  • Shop your traditional Indian groceries
  • Buy online from anywhere, anytime and any device.
  • Order quickly with the most straightforward interface
  • Save your valuable time and money

Through a concentrated effort and determined purpose, we are confident that we will provide our customers with the Best Value - Quality, Service and Price – for their all kinds of food needs with better service, higher quality products, and faster response time. At the same time, we aimed to meet the needs of our customers and suppliers as a valuable, licensed and bonded, customer.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to reach superior levels as a reliable & committed Food product Sourcing & Buying a house to continually exceed our customer and supplier expectations with Premium Quality food products and available Service solutions. Our long-term commitment to this industry and our customers is made possible through our belief in honesty, integrity, reliability, and trust and will continue to work hard to keep exceeding our client expectations.


Revolutionize, Connect and Fulfill the Needs


Build New Business Path to Market with great Accessibility


Eradicate Waste, Build Long-Term Value and Growth


Premium Quality, Freshness, traditional flavors and Readily Available