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Bitter Melon or Karela is used both in Indian cuisine and others around the world, but in addition to being a tasty and nutritious fruit, bitter gourd bears a host of health benefits rendering it useful in the treatment of a variety of conditions. The health benefits of Bitter melon stem from its strong bitter taste which has powerful cleansing properties that purify, regulate, and strengthen the functioning of fundamental organs like the liver, spleen, stomach, lungs, and heart. Each part of the Bitter melon plant offers unique and valuable aid to these parts of the body where common and sometimes serious conditions arise due to inflammation and the accumulation of toxins. There is no doubt that these powerful cleansing actions of Bitter melon benefits the body, but some have even claimed that Bitter melon may be a powerful aid to diabetic conditions, possibly curing early stages and mitigating the complications of more advanced conditions. This Karela powder is completely free of any animal products and 100% USDA Certified Organic. As with all our products at Gopala Organic, this Karela was grown with care and love at our jungle farm in Karnataka, India.

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